How it works

How It Works


Once you have read the below text and are ready.

Step 1 : You can register your account at ( 

Step 2 : Login in to your account (

Step 3 : Create a crowdfunding campaign by clicking on this link (

By selecting Create Campaign option from the main menu and have it done in under 5 minutes. This page aims to briefly explain the main components of crowdfunding to you.


1. Funding Process

It’s very easy to find out how crowdfunding works on Waqufa platform. Most campaigns on Waqufa will be based on conventional online payment/donation models where the money paid by contributors goes to campaign owners straight away. This model is only available where a product or service is being offered to the community. For instance, $30 per blanket for students. In this model, the money will go towards the purchase of the blanket and there would be not necessity for 100% of the whole campaign to be funded to release the money.

2. Cost

There are no limits on the types of campaigns posted on our platform and you are free to attract as much financial support as you may need, that’s if you can convince the community. However you should be aware of the cost on the platform. There is a 10% exist cost on Waqufa’s platform (the same figure as JustGiving, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and many other crowdfunding platforms). This will go towards Waqufa’s advertisement pot on places such as Waqufa TV, paid advertisement on Facebook, PPC and other forms of our marketing activities to help raise funds for your campaign.

Stripe also charges between 1.4% + $0.20 (for European cards) or 2.9% + $0.20 (for international card) payments. So you are advised to leave 6 to 8 room in your fundraising target to receive the money you need. For instance, if you need $1000, you should be attracting funds for $1080 to receive the money you need for the success of your campaign (more information on:

3. Video

Once you have your idea thoroughly thought through and want to start it off on our platform, you need to think of a good video to go along with it to make sure you capture imagination of the Muslim community internationally (however it is not mandatory at the start of your campaign). It builds trust between you and the Sponsors, and this is essential if they are going to make a donation. Sponsors need to have a feeling that you’re genuine and you intend to deliver.

Waqufa has a strong Media team in place that can help you make these videos for a nominal fee. You can either send us your footage to edit it for you, or we could do the whole thing for you if you based in Malaysia. Please get in touch with us for more information.

4. Marketing

You: once you have posted your campaign successfully on our platform, it’s time to talk about it to your friends, post updates on social media and start referring people to your page on Waqufa in every way possible. Remember that you need to hit your fundraising target in a limited amount of time.

Waqufa: We have a great presence on social media and also a database of +1000 donors internationally from the Muslim community. Not only we actively seek to help you raise your funds, we also carry out paid advertisements on places such as Waqufa TV to help you attract more support for your campaign. We remember that your success is our success.


Now that you are ready, you can create a crowdfunding campaign by clicking on this link ( or by selecting Create Campaign option from the main menu.